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IC shop offering murder, romance, and custom magics

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Lora Campbell
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Greetings to you all.

Do you have a wish for revenge? Are you perhaps seeking romance with a particular person? Have any other desires escaped your grip?

Come and see Madame Lora and make your dreams come true! I specialize in arranging unfortunate deaths and dismemberments via magical works. I use sympathetic magic — perhaps you’ve heard of voodoo dolls? — to affect the lives of persons even at long distances. My spells work with 100% accuracy!* For these services, I charge considerable fees, but if satisfaction is what you need, you will find yourself very pleased with the outcome.

If you are a more traditional type and prefer “hands-on” applications toward the same ends, I also have a network of experts you can hire to bring an end to your enemy’s cruel existence. Be forewarned that these contacts take their jobs very seriously and no refunds will be offered for change of heart.

Perhaps you are looking for something not so finite or grisly. I also offer services for romance, promotions, and other such events. These require the use of potions and/or fetishes, so some effort on the part of the customer will be required. You will receive precise instructions on how to use your purchases.

We can ship certain items to you for an additional fee, provided you live in some place akin to civilization.

Occasionally I also offer services in contacting the dead. These must be done in person and are very expensive. I seldom do them, so be prepared to persuade me, with words or with money.

If you wish to visit my shop in person, you will find me in Albuquerque. I offer personal visitations and consultations for an additional fee. Write to me or telegram me at Albuquerque with any concerns.

*Madame Lora takes no responsibility for whatever might unfold following the use of her products and services.
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