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Character Name: Kauri Paewai
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Quote: Strangely enough, policemen and pigeons become quite impossible to deter once you've screwed them over.
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Character Name: Anton Marmo
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Quote: "Well you know what they say about curiosity, sweetheart."
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Colt Carson
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Character Name: Colt Carson
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Quote: [To Holden Precistone] "It's clear to me you ain't in cahoots with that demon... but you're a goddamn stunty and I trust you 'bout as far as I can throw you."
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Jackson Dyer
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Player Name: Laura
Discord: Laura #6842
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Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:20 am

Character Name: Jackson Dyer
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Quote: “I play the villain if you believe the New York papers. And what role do you play, Mister Koenig?”
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