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J. M. Vanderberg
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James Michael Vanderberg
Play by: R. W. Haynes
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Species: Human
James doesn't have magical abilities that he can control, though he will occasionally see the future in his dreams, usually during changing weather. This may beckon to some innate talent that he wasn't taught to harness, and most times he just brushes of the dreams as deja vu.

Having been sent to Harvard, James is fluent in French and Latin, and struggles along in German. He knows a few Italian words, mainly picked up on his summer vacation to Italy, which ended early when a father arrived home sooner than expected.

James knows how to fire a firearm with some accuracy, but not much about maintenance, as he usually has servants to do it for him. He was trained to fence from boyhood, and was present on the Harvard fencing team, though he wasn't captain because he was often too busy partying. He also is an amateur boxer, which he has found handy in settling more than a few matters of hurt dignity.
J. M. Vanderberg is fastidious about his appearance when in civilization. His thick black hair is always slicked, his face free of stubble, and his mustached well groomed. He dresses richly in the fashions of the day, so as to impress all the other aristocrats along the Hudson river. His coat hides the fact that he is well muscled, having been put through a rigorous training routine since boyhood.
Good-natured, relaxed, quick witted, all are accusations that have been leveled at James, and descriptions he relishes in. Playboy is one that often dogs after him, though he tries to keep it behind him.
Born along the Hudson river in New York state, James was the first scion of the Vanderberg family, old money that hobnobbed with the likes of the Roosevelts. His father inherited his wealth from his father, and down the line to the first Vanderberg who arrived in New York when it was New Amsterdam, and became rich in the fur trade. James didn't want for much as a child, aside from an escape. His daily routine began before dawn, when he was awakened and put through exercises that last until mid-morning, where after a quick breakfast, he would then spend most the rest of the day learning from tutors.

When he turned 18, he was sent to Harvard, expected to get an education and become a lawyer like his father. Free from his daily routine, James went wild for a few years, spending more time partying than studying, and focusing on sports instead of dusty old tomes. Finally, he squeaked by and passed the bar, and returned to the family mansion along the Hudson. Always eager for another escape, James used small fragments of the family fortune to travel, exploring the world from Europe to Asia. Now back in New York, he simply waits for his next escape.
Played by: R. W. Haynes Time Zone: CSTContact: Discord @ Scottishwar4
Referred by Taylor
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