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Roan Carrsfeld
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Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:33 am

Roan chuckled.

Her antics often got such reactions out of people. Some admired the ambition. Most hated it. But whatever, in the end, her fate did not reside in their hands. Her fate was already predestined. She just needed to continue on her path. No if's, and's, or buts.

To be honest, she herself didn't remember how she acquired it. Ather just seemed to fumble into her lap, through one way or another. Sometimes she purchased it. Otherwise, she found it. Then sometimes, on really rare occasions, she dreamed of literally just plucking it, and weaving it from the air. She was pretty sure she was hallucinating off the fumes, but that didn't stop her from waking up the next morning with the product in hand. Ather was such an odd material. Not solid, liquid, or gas. Yet tangible and feasible.

Not that she was gonna tell HIM that.. of course.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" she said with a curved grin. "I have a knack for finding things, what can I say..?" she said with a shrug. "That being said: I need the compass so I can continue to find things. Now, you said you knew- are you going to help me, or nah? Cause I can sit and chat all day if ya want, but surely, you wouldn't want to mess around on a busy day like so.." she said waving her hand towards the crowd.

Actually. Tea didn't sound like a bad idea right then. Hmm. Maybe she should go get lunch.
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Magnolia Matsson
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Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:33 pm

"If you have a knack for finding things, why do you need the compass?" Magnolia inquired just because he felt like being more on the difficult side. None of his questions were getting answered by her or otherwise, and maybe he wasn't used to having such a strong wall built against him. Regardless, his curiosity would always get the better of him and whether he wanted to or not, he knew he would help her.

If only to see more of that ather.

He gave pause as she suggested his day was busy and that either of them might have something better to do. He crossed an arm over his chest and raised his other hand to tap pensively at his cheek. Finally, he sighed, "Okay, Miss Roan. You want to know about this compass that will lead you to what you want?" And it was almost as if he could read her thoughts or maybe something just whispered them to her, because he turned away from her and towards a small shop not too far away. "Mind having tea with me?"
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